Julie Paulino Designs a Bedroom For Designer Showcase

Julie is excited to participate this year in Designer Showcase at the Columbus Museum of Art. Julie wanted to create a bedroom that felt casually elegant with a livable sophistication where guests felt comfortable and at ease.  The color scheme she chose- green, taupe, gray, and a bit of pink here and there, is coincidentally suitable to welcome Spring.

Julie’s inspiration came from the desire of having a bedroom which provides guests everything they need during their stay.  From a sitting area where they can read or enjoy a drink, a desk where they can do some work or write a note, to of course a comfortable bed with luxury bedding where they can enjoy a good sleep.  The overall aesthetic of the bedroom is ingrained with timeless lines and a modern sensibility that reflects Julie’s Chic Comfortable Spaces signature style.

All proceeds support Wonder School and other creative initiatives. To learn more about 2019 Designer Showcase, please visit the Columbus Museum of Art. For more information visit the museum.

designer's showcase final look.jpg