Julie Paulino Yenicag

Julie Paulino Yenicag is an Interior Designer and design blogger based in Columbus, Ohio.  Julie's blog, Belle Vivir is an award winning Interior Design blog.  Julie believes that living beautiful goes beyond the visual.  It’s a lifestyle where all the senses are at play.  Consciously or not, we are uniformly influenced by our surroundings, from our choices in food, fashion and home decor, where we inadvertently absorb feelings and emotions that play a role in our state of mind. 

Based on the belief that Interior Design should be genuine to its surroundings, Julie creates interiors that are a personal reflection of her client's lifestyle, with a sophisticated approach yet relaxed enough where families and friends can enjoy at ease.  Juxtaposing modern elements and classic influences whilst enhancing interior architecture, Julie’s interiors result in Chic Comfortable Spaces.  Julie’s initiation into Interior Design started as a Vintage furniture dealer, with an outpost in Stamford, CT.  Raised in the melting pot of New York City, Julie’s exposure to such multicultural, and diverse upbringing, numerous and constant travel around the world granted her a profound understanding of global and refined aesthetics. 

Julie honed her design aesthetics through extending her studies at Parsons School of Design and living with her family in Europe where she spent two years traveling across Europe.  While living abroad Julie created a very acclaimed Jewelry line, Tyche Jewelry, which was received with major acclaim and featured in many international publications.  

Julie lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and their 9-year-old son, Lucas.


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